One more step along the world we go…

Our favourite furry friends have been around for a little while now and in their time, they have travelled the world over and over and so often it’s on the face of our delicious ChocStars. In

It’s a family thing…

Well, we say it’s a family thing… It’s a Family Mart thing – Wenow have an extensive range of products on sale in Family Mart over in Japan.The franchise convenience store has stores across Japan and

Pets Rocks x Starbucks = Dreamteam

Yes… you read that right! Over in China, we’ve teamed up with the coffee giants, Starbucks and they are now stocking and selling some nifty little products with yours truly proudly sitting pretty on the front.

Pets Rock in China – The latest from Chengdu…

At the end of September 2017, our latest mall event kicked off, this time in Chengdu’s mega-mall Mixc. Similarly to previous events, Pets Rock has taken front and centre with a pop-up Pets Rock world sitting

Your Round Up From Hong Kong…

Our month long Pets Rock event at Fashion Walk mall in Hong Kong is finally over! Hosted in Hong Kong mega-mall, Fashion Walk, the Pets Rock event has been ongoing for the last few weeks and

Pets Rock launches in Fashion Walk in Hong Kong…

Last week saw a Pets Rock takeover like you’ve never seen before… We teamed up with Fashion Walk mall in Hong Kong to run a pet-tastic month-long event and exhibition in the heart of the shopping

Pets Rock has lift off in China!

Last year, we started working with Chinese licensing company Mofang to launch Pets Rock in China… In a big way! Besides creating an extensive range of gift products, Mofang will creating a comprehensive schedule of exhibitions

New products… Just in time for Christmas!

Our ‘new’ site has now been around for just over a year and it’s going strong… And it’s only getting stronger. Luxury dog beds, tote bags and our new ‘Pets Rock’ book are all available on

Brand New Pets Rock Book Out Now!

Pet’s Rock – More Fun than Fame 2016 So here we are… 5 years since we released Famous Faces with publishing giants TeNeues and guess what? We have recently partnered with the equally fantastic London based

The Pets Rocker’s Army Grows…

Question: Snoop Dogg, Bill Bailey, Perez Hilton… What do these three all have in common? Answer: They are all self-confessed Pets Rockers! But guess what? It’s time to add another name to that list as Mr.