It’s Tee Time for Pets Rockers…

So if you’re a Facebooker and on the pulse, you’ll know that we’ve been a little bit busy giving away t-shirts! Over the last few weeks, we’ve been giving away some gorgeous Pets Rock tees to

Guess who got a cheeky mention on Buzzfeed?!

It was a lovely surprise one morning to spot our ‘Breakfast’ mug on a mad mug based article featured on Buzzfeed! The article features a whole variety of mugs with cats on that, according to Buzzfeed,

Snoop Dogg is a Pets Rocker!

We were somewhat surprised to find out recently that Mr Snoop Dogg himself is a fan of Pets Rock. Snoop posted this snap of our Pets Rock ChocStars on his Instagram… Not only is Snoop a

ChocStars Spotted in Respublica, Mosco

This week our Pets Rock characters have been spotted on the front of the tasty and irresistible ChocStars which were on sale in Moscow. Funky Russian retailer, Respublica, is where these ChocStar bars can found but

There ASDA Be A Better Title Than This…

Excuse the lame and inexcusably poor pun used in the title of this post but as you can tell… This has something to do with ASDA! If you head down to your local ASDA and weave